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and the enthusiasm with which he brought this encyclopedic knowledge of history and art to bear on each of his interiors earned him a coterie of well-heeled clients. Strong in his conviction that it was “important to make people feel pampered and special,” he executing lavish, luxurious residential and commercial spaces throughout North America, but particularly in New York and Miami. Often, his own glass etchings or his paintings were integral to the projects, as when he designed Rainbows, a restaurant in Miami, painting the walls in murals of acrylic and gold leaf. The much-lauded project was published in Interiors in 1981. At its height, Abbe’s firm had offices in New York and Toronto.

Brass frame, glass

26 in high x 24 in wide x 7.5 in deep

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Diane Allehaux Sapnar is an NYC-based luxury sales entrepreneur and business development expert working with best in class interior design brands for the last 15 years. She specializes in bridging the gap between European creative excellence and the demands of the American consumer market, facilitating growth for European companies within the most exclusive showrooms and galleries in the U.S. Her approach is rigorous, practical, relationship focused, and solutions oriented, while her philosophy is driven by the quest for beauty and creative inspiration.

Based in Chicago, Kathleen Mann has created an extensive and loyal client base that trusts her discerning eye for quality and design excellence. With two decades of experience in sales and showroom leadership, she brings long-standing passion, industry connections, and a wealth of knowledge in interior design and luxury sales. She knows what it takes to create the unrivaled, luxury brand experience clients return to again and again and will be an asset to your next project.